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Bestseller Bundle

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Want the best of both worlds? Check out our Bestseller Bundle!

With the Bestseller Bundle, you can get everything you need to correct your posture while working on foot proprioception, helping you stay light and loose on your feet!

This bundle consists of the following products:

1. Therapeutic Insoles

2. Proprioceptive Insoles

Why Choose the Bestseller Bundle?

 -To get the most benefits from both products
- Maximise recruitment of the erector spinae
- Improve hip and pelvis stability
- Improve coordination and balance
- Increase strength output
- Made 100% in Canada

Our Propricoetive Insoles function based on a completely different premise. They are flat and stimulate the muscles and mechanoreceptors in the skin of the feet to strengthen the structure of the foot and optimize information going to the brain. Working with a brain-based approach improves energy expenditure and aids in recovery.  But what truly sets us apart is the ability to target all of the body parts at once to deliver superior results!

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Since the receptors in the skin of our feet respond to pressure and texture, we have equipped our Propriocpetive Insoles with wedges. The wedges optimize the information sent to the brain, allowing the brain to command proper foot/global posture (activate the appropriate muscles). In addition, the wedges of each insole are strategically positioned to stimulate the foot part that is causing your pain.

Therapeutic Insoles - Our #1 Recommendation: These insoles use special vibration and frequency technology that will stimulate your feet 24/7 (or as long as you wear the insoles). The best thing about this technology is that it is non-weight-bearing - it will stimulate your feet even if you are sitting or laying down.

Foot Activation Insoles: These insoles use texture technology to stimulate the skin receptors of the foot, and to promote proper alignment of the foot. They help improve brain-body communication and reduce the risk of injury.

Low Back Support Insoles: These insoles use texture and strategically placed wedge technology to improve back stability and strength.

Upper Back Strength Insoles: These insoles use wedge technology to address brain-body communication, target rounded shoulders, and strengthen the upper back. 

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The more you wear them, the greater the results! Remember that proper posture needs to be learned by the brain, and this will require a constant input of adequate stimulation. So, the more you wear your insoles, the longer your feet are stimulated for, and the better your brain learns.

Our Recommendation: Wear your insoles from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night. You may place them in your slippers, shoes, or even socks.