Foot Activation for Kids

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As of 12 months, the arches of the feet start developing in toddlers. Proper development of the feet depends on your child’s tactile senses. 



The sensory receptors in the skin of your child’s feet are responsible for collecting information about their environment. The information collected is sent to the brain for analysis. After interpreting the results, the brain commands your child’s posture, mechanics, and movement patterns.   

Unfortunately, most shoes interrupt your child’s tactile senses. As a result, inadequate information is sent to their brain. This can result in poor posture. 

Studies indicate that poor posture can impact: 

  • Cognition 
  • Emotion 
  • Digestion 
  • Performance 
  • Energy expenditure 
  • Overall well-being 



Our postural insoles use 3D technology and texture along the entire length of your child's foot. This stimulates the receptors in their feet as they respond to deep pressure, stretch, and frequency.

The signal from the skin of your child's feet travels to their brain through channels known as the ascending sensory pathways. This signal arrives in their sensory cortex, located in their parietal lobe. It is then transmitted to their motor cortex located in the frontal lobe. This is where your child's brain plans the execution of movement. In order for their brain to dictate their posture properly, they need adequate stimulation of their feet.

Product Details: 

  • Posturepro technology: textured pattern for mechanoreceptor stimulation
  • Improves alignment 
  • Improves brain-body communication
  • Posturepro technology
  • Flexible material–fit for every shoe