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Can't decide, then don't. With our "I want it all" Bundle,  you don't have to!

This bundle has everything you need to get the best recovery, and you save 15%

  1. One proprioceptive insole to stimulate all of your feet 
  2. On lower back support for those days when you hit the gym.
  3. One upper back strength when you are working on upper body strength.  

Foot Activation: Want to improve alignment, but don’t have any specific postural issues? These are for you. They will stimulate and strengthen the feet. Your brain will receive improved proprioceptive input and project better movement patterns onto the whole body.

Upper Body Strength: These are best for those of you looking to improve the alignment of the upper body. They help target issues like rounded shoulders. With an aligned upper body, you will be able to improve your strength output.

Lower Back Support: These are best for those looking to target the posterior chain. With aligned joints in the lower body: ankle, knee, hip, the lower back will be better supported. We recommend these if you have issues in any of the posterior joints or the lower back.

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