Proprioceptive Insoles fro pain
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles

Therapeutic Insoles

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Product Details:  
  • Designed to enhance physical and mental performance
  • Frequency stimulates nerve centers to increase muscle tone, stability, and mobility
  • Releases muscle tension


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    The therapeutic insoles supply intense amounts of sensory information into the brain to help organize it - the return inherently improves the motor output.

    Designed to stimulates nerve centers to increase muscle tone, stability, and mobility resuting in posture and gait correction within milliseconds.

    Therapeutic Insoles
    how do they work?

    Our insoles use frequency and vibration technology. Natural frequency generated by the unique of the shape.

    Frequency has been shown to stimulates nerve centres to intensify muscle tone stability and mobility.

    Therapeutic Insoles
    Hack Your Nervous System

    Unlike arch support, the Therapeutic Insoles provide sensory stimulation to the nervous system and reach reflex points in your body. The therapeutic insoles provide 24/7 sensory input to your nervous system.


    Foot posture can affect the alignment of your lower limbs because your feet guide the movement of your whole body. When foot posture is imbalanced, all joints above the ankle will be compromised — leading to postural and muscular imbalances.   

    Foot pain
    The Science

    Feedback from the skin of your feet is your brain’s primary source of sensory input. Scientists estimate that 100,000 to 200,000 receptors in the sole of each foot supply sensory (proprioception) input to your brain.

    The Therapeutic Insoles use frequency and texture. Both these forms of sensory feedback have a role to play in the body’s aim to maintain its center of gravity within the base of support. 

    Postural Insoles

    Don't take our word for it


    Instant correction. Surreal. Amazing. Recommend with a massive thumbs up. 👍

    Jack T.

    Fixing my feet and posture with therapeutic insoles and functional activator...i expect to see progress..with my bad jaw, foot mechanics, gait cycle and posture.

    Katia C

    Have helped correct my hip displacement and take away some back pain.

    Kheller W

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    Los Angeles, CA


    Have helped correct my hip displacement and take away some back pain.

    Annie K.