Therapeutic Insoles

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Our lifestyle often attributes to poor biomechanics throughout our body. Unfortunately, poor posture and alignment can have an effect on our physical, mental, and physiological health.

Whether you’re experiencing pain, brain-fog, poor-coordination, or poor posture -it all begins with addressing the feet! 


The skin of your feet is embedded with sensory receptors that send information about your body to your brain. Your brain then uses this information to command your muscles, which dictates your posture and impacts your movement patterns.  

If your body weight is unevenly distributed through your feet, then your receptors are missing vital information, and your brain cannot orchestrate optimal posture. This can lead to muscular tension and dysfunctions throughout the body!  


Our therapeutic insoles have a frequency and vibration resonator in its center. This stimulates the receptors in your feet as they respond to deep pressure, stretch, and frequency. Most importantly, the resonator stimulates the receptors in your feet on a consistent basis whether you’re weight-bearing or not! 

The signal from the skin of your feet travels to your brain through channels known as the ascending sensory pathways. This signal arrives in your sensory cortex, located in your parietal lobe. It is then transmitted to the motor cortex located in the frontal lobe. This is where your brain plans the execution of movement. This optimized signal allows for accurate movement and proper alignment.

Best of all, due to the resonator’s consistent stimulus, your brain is able to adapt to the new incoming information, and will execute proper movement patterns on a long-term basis!  

Product Details:  
  • Posturepro technology: frequency and vibration technology  
  • Improves brain-body communication  
  • Corrects postural imbalances  
  • Improves movement patterns  
  • Helps coordination and reaction-time  
  • Flexible material –fit for every shoe  
  • Elicits long-term results 
  • Made in Canada