Fix my posture
Fix My Posture Bundle
Fix My Posture Bundle
Fix My Posture Bundle
Fix My Posture Bundle
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Fix My Posture Bundle

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This bundle consists of:

  • A 15% discount so you can perform better and recover faster!
  • One pair of Therapeutic Insoles 
  • One Functional Activator
  • One Vagal Activator 
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    Hack Your Nervous System

    Designed to enhance physical and mental performance.

    Unlike arch support insoles, Therapeutic Insoles provide sensory stimulation to the nervous system and reach reflex points in your body.

    The Therapeutic Insoles stimulate nerve centers to intensify muscle tone stability and mobility.

    Change the Way You Move and Stand

    Jump higher, run faster, increase agility, and reduce the risk of injury with the #1 best-selling performance insoles.

    Say goodbye to poor posture with the Fix My Posture Bundle. This whole-body wellness solution helps you move better so you can get back to doing what you love faster.

    Fix My Posture Bundle

    The Fix My Posture bundle provides 24/7 sensory input to your nervous system. This constant stimulation allows the brain to create new neural networks to help you out of poor postural habits.

    fix my posture bundle

    Don't take our word for it



    This bundle is really great. It addresses my TMJ pain as well as my back pain. A bit pricy, but when I add up all of the money I've spent and was still in pain...well this is really a cheap investement.


    I AM 100% SATISFIED This has made a tremendous difference for my posture and running. Love it!

    Brian S.

    I recommend this product

    Dina K.


    Title says it. All