Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle


Foot Mechanics and  Gait Cycle

Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle

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A simple guide on how the foot and gait impact posture and pelvic movement.  Learn strategies to fix ankle mobility for better well-being and superior performance.

  • 3 parts, 10 lessons, 1+ hours of video content
  • Strategies to stimulate the foot and reduce imbalances
  • No prior expertise required!
  • Includes protocols to help you improve your foot strength and lower body alignment

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    Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle

    Understanding Your Feet and Their Impact on Your Body

    Your feet are more than just a foundation; they are a complex system that affects your entire body. Many people suffer from foot imbalances without realizing that this seemingly unoticed issue can lead to other problems. It’s not just about the feet; it’s about how they connect to everything else!

    Your feet’s misalignment travels up, affecting your knees and hips.

    Learn how flat feet can lead to misalignment in the knees, hips and back. This misalignment can cause pain or stiffness in the knees and hips. Address the root cause and prevent these issues before they escalate.


    Your foot posture develops with the habits that you have acquired in the early stages of life. And habits influence your level of mobility.

    Inward foot roll causes:
    •Inward rotation of the tibia
    •Inward rotation of the femur
    •Lower pelvis on this side.

    Outward foot roll causes:
    •Outward rotation of the tibia
    •Outward rotation of the femur
    •Higher pelvis on that side.

    Excessive pronation or supination disrupts the body's natural alignment and causes excessive impact when the foot strikes the floor...leading to poor joint health.

    A breakdown of how your feet affect your balance.

    The skin of your feet sends information to the brain via the skin’s mechanoreceptors.

    This information is then transmitted to the brainstem and thalamus and then to the somatosensory cortex to shape motor development and coordination.

    Uneven foot posture disrupts this process, causing you to overcompensate.

    Yes! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a health professional -it’s vital that you understand the role your feet play in posture.

    The Foot Mechanics and Gait online course addresses the importance of how your feet affect your posture in the gait continuum.

    It focuses on identifying foot imbalances first to avoid injury and second to improve the movement of the ankle, knee, hip, and spine.

    Foot Mechanics and Gait Cycle
    Step-By-Step Guide

    Understand and address the root cause of flat feet, knee, hip, pelvic tilt imbalance, and pain.

    It will empower you to know that you can make a difference in your own body.