Posturepro Method

The Posturepro Method

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The Posturepro Method isn't just about temporary fixes; it's about delving into the root causes of pain and misalignments for long-lasting relief and prevention.
  • Over 22 hours of video instruction.
  • Live interactions to refine your skills and knowledge.
  • Exclusive trainer discounts and access to the latest peer-reviewed studies
  • Discover marketing strategies to amplify your practice
  • The course enables individuals to understand and address their own posture and body imbalances, leading to better health and well-being.
  • Downloadable Resources: PDF guides, cheat sheets, and infographics covering various aspects of the course
  • Upon completion, receive certification and a toolkit for immediate application.
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Addressing the Core of Postural Health

Are conventional workouts failing to enhance your performance? Unveil the potential with the Posturepro Method. Our innovative approach redefines your training by focusing on the foundational role of foot posture and body alignment. Through strategic adjustments, Posturepro catalyzes a superior level of athletic performance, tapping into the body's intrinsic structural balance. Upgrade your abilities with the precision of Posturepro.

Posturepro Method

Enhance Athletic Performance with Posturepro. Our method advances body mechanics, heightening reaction speed and mental focus. Unlock superior performance across all ages.

Posturepro Method

The Posturepro Method employs innovative techniques to enhance posture, reduce pain, and elevate athletic capabilities.

Posturepro Method

Achieve a new level of performance excellence. Posturepro Method fine-tunes body alignment, significantly reducing discomfort and boosting athletic prowess.


Traditional therapies tend to address the symptoms rather than the root cause.

They tend to focus on the exterior, and the approach is often segmented.

The reality is our postural alignment stems from the brain. Therefore, you need to fix the foundation before you can resort to traditional therapies.

The Posturepro Method lays the groundwork for the rest of the Posturepro curriculum in terms of posture correction. It is designed to provide the best entry point to looking at pain and performance through a neuro lens.

This will immediately change your practice and training as it delivers tools and assessments for improving movement, posture, motor control, and overall stability with anyone.

The brain controls everything that you do. Your central nervous system is under a voluntary and involuntary system, and if you are looking to make changes in ROM, reaction time, stability, power, strength, mobility, and speed, the fastest path to getting there is to optimize the information to the central nervous system.

The nervous system has three important characteristics:
1. The brain controls everything that you do.
2. The quality of the movement depends on the involuntary system that feeds the previous one.
3. Once the central nervous system has been compensating for years , it needs to be re-programmed in order to change faulty motor patterns.

  • Part 1: Gain insights into how imbalances affect the nervous system and discover the profound influence of feet and eyes on posture. Equip yourself with practical skills for postural assessments and corrective program designs.
  • Part 2: Explore the jaw's role in postural integrity, delve into leg length discrepancies, and the development of sensory receptors from birth, culminating in a holistic understanding of the body's interconnectedness.

The Posturepro Method (PPM) program offers students an ongoing learning experience. Besides the course videos, students get:

  • Over 22+hours of video instruction
  • An opportunity to fix yourself
  • Access to trainer discounts with multiple product companies 
  • Access to the latest peer-reviewed studies
  • Access to a private practitioner group on Facebook where you can learn from fellow students
  • Access to FREE ongoing webinars with instructor Annette Verpillot
  • Opportunities to jump on Business Development calls with Annette
  • And more!

Yes! With Posturepro's partnership with SplitIt payment plans, you can pay in up to 6 interest-free installments and access all the materials immediately.