The Posturepro Method

The Posturepro Method (ONLINE)

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What you will learn:

  • Take Part 1 on ZOOM and get FREE-access to Part 1 of The Posturepro Method in-person at any location!
  • How imbalances in body alignment promote dysfunction in the nervous system and how that dysfunction further promotes imbalances in body alignment
  • Learn how posture correction affects performance enhancement and how optimizing posture can take your clients and athletes to the next level
  • How to correctly assess clients for postural distortion patterns and imbalances
  • Fix postural imbalances, like rounded shoulder and anterior pelvic tilt 
  • How to identify & correct a structural short leg
  • The link between the jaw and your posture and vice versa
  • How correcting posture can dramatically decrease potential injury
  • Get listed on our site (our website generates over 6000 views per month)
  • Access to the latest peer-reviewed studies
  • And more!

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