Proprioceptive Enhancer

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Introducing Posturepro’s bran new Proprioceptive Enhancer!

Carefully crafted to deliver a maximum comfort, at the wrist level, and insuring a 45° angle between the device and the skin.  A central elevation has been designed to ensure better grip.

It has a thicker side for more sensitive areas and it's curved shape targets all of the mechanoreceptors to release tension and activate the pathways to the brain. 

Experiments show that when you inhibit sensory information from the feet people have problems maintaining stability and have problems maintaining balance.

The Proprioceptive Enhancer is uniquely designed to stimulate the nerves located in the bottom of your feet and is a great tool to use to to improved foot function, transfer of forces, helps to avoid foot cramps and improves lymphatic circulation. 

The Proprioceptive Enhancer can also be used to relax the jaw muscles.
The Proprioceptive Enhancer carries the reputation of Posturepro who has dedicated their career to optimizing human movement and performance.