Lower Back Support

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The muscles in our back help us stand upright. They’re also involved in complex movements. If you have poor posture, your body has to work hard to maintain an upright position. This is both physically and cognitively draining, and can lead to pain and injury.  To improve stability, you need to address the posterior chain.


The skin of your feet is embedded with sensory receptors that send information about your body to your brain. Your brain then uses this information to command your muscles, which dictates your posture and impacts your movement patterns.   If the rear-foot is poorly stimulated, then your receptors are missing vital information. This means your brain cannot orchestrate activation of the posterior chain.  When the rearfoot is the source of the problem, we often see a forward center of mass. This leads to an array of compensations and excess energy expenditure in order to stay upright against gravity.  


The wedge technology stimulates the receptors in your rear-foot as they respond to deep pressure and stretch.   The signal from the skin of your feet travels to your brain through channels known as the ascending sensory pathways. This signal arrives in your sensory cortex, located in your parietal lobe. It is then transmitted to the motor cortex located in the frontal lobe. This is where your brain plans the execution of movement.  The improved signal allows your brain to command proper tonicity of your back chain. This encourages neutral center of mass and optimal joint mechanics.  

Product Details:  
  • Posturepro technology: wedge technology to stimulate mechanoreceptors 
  • Reduces energy expenditure  
  • Improves physical & cognitive function  
  • Increases back support  
  • Improves posture  
  • Flexible material –fit for every shoe  
  • Made in Canada