Functional Activator

The Functional Activator for Sports Performance

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Our jaw, our teeth, and our surrounding tissue make up what’s called the stomatognathic system. This system is important for mastication (chewing), phonation (speaking), breathing mechanics, and swallowing.  

Dysfunction or tension in this system can throw off the above functions. However, it can also negatively impact the positioning of your head, and thereby affect your postural control.  


This mouth-piece was designed with the help of dental surgeons. 

The activator positions your tongue at the top of your palate to facilitate the natural nasal intake of oxygen. This helps restore optimal breathing mechanics, and promotes proper jaw alignment. This positioning also helps prevent grinding, which reduces tension in the stomatognathic system. 

The alignment optimizes the signal between your brain and your stomatognathic system. This improved signal assists in postural alignment and stability. Best of all, re-educating the placement of your tongue allows your brain to acquire positive adaptations as a long-term solution. 

And it’s no surprise that it also protects your teeth!