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Posturepro's unique approach incorporates a brain-based technique to restore the body’s proper equilibrium for maximum performance. We have designed our programs to give you the tools to instantly increase strength, decrease the risk of injury, and improve longevity with your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Posturepro is an integrated curriculum designed for rising, top 1% professionals who want to successfully blend neurology and performance enhancement into their work. This means that we believe that understanding how the human body & brain work together helps promote athleticism, performance, and pain relief – all which is necessary for overall health.

Posturepro certifications are designed to provide the best entry point to help you transition from where you are currently looking at pain and performance (the biomechanical perspective) to the more successful brain-based approach (the neuromechanical perspective).

This will immediately change your practice and training as you will have at your disposition the most effective tools and assessments for improving movement, posture, motor control, and overall stability with anyone.

No. Once you purchase our courses, you will have access to the course content for lifetime. During this time, you may view the course as many times as you wish.

Our courses will help you identify the root causes of your symptoms while providing you with intervention techniques to allow you to address your imbalances directly. The result? A better posture and pain reduction!

Each of our courses is unique in its own way.

- Foot Mechanics & Gait Cycle: Focuses on how the foot creates imbalances throughout the body.

- Reflexes & Brain Development: Focuses on primitive reflexes and how they affect neurological development.

- Brain Coach Performance Certification BCPC: Focuses on the nervous system and goes deeper into the brain-based approach. This is the introductory course to our complete curriculum, The Posturepro Method.

- Supercharge Your Health: Focuses on the effects of poor posture on global health (digestion, stress, sleep, immunity, etc.).

- Jaw and Body Connection: Focuses on how the jaw affects your posture nad vice versa.

- Posturepro Method (PPM): Ties together the concepts included in our smaller courses while adding concepts related to the jaw. This program teaches you how to use the theory and apply it in a step-by-step manner into your practice.

Take a look at our comparison chart here.

All of our courses have a practical component, allowing you to immediately begin working on yourself or others (friends, family, clients, etc.).

Meet ANnette Verpillot

Annette Verpillot is an internationally-renowned Posture Specialist, TEDx Speaker, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur.

Her unique postural evaluation system is recognized throughout the world for eliminating chronic pain, increasing strength, and improving sports proficiency.

She has worked with strength specialists, elite athletes and successful coaches from professional leagues and NCAA Division I sports, and presenting to teams such as New Jersey Devils, San Francisco 49ers, to name a few.

Annette Verpillot

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