Bottle of essential scar oil

Oils for Scars

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The essential oils uncoil the mechanoreceptors in the skin so that they can send accurate proprioceptive information to the brain.

A pathological scar is a scar that has not healed properly and that is creating an abnormal muscular contraction of the muscles located below the scar. Pathological scars need to be treated because they cause pain and restrict range of motion. 

The nerve endings in the skin and muscles around the scar send information to the brain about how the body is feeling and moving in space.

If a scar is causing abnormal muscle contraction, the information being sent to the brain from this area is compromised. 

They are to be applied once a day.

Ingredients: Helichrysum, rosewood, lavender aspic, peppermint.

Bottle size: 15 ml 

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