Kids brain and primitive reflexes

Reflexes & Brain Development

  • How to recognize and fix possible signs of retained primitive reflexes
  • Key strategies for improving focus and attention disorders
  • Improve neurofeedback for behavior, productivity, schooling, and sleep
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Importance of Primitive Reflexes

A movement-based approach that improves learning, behaviors, attention, focus, motor skills, emotional regulation, and sensory processing by tapping into the brain's natural ability.

Indication of active reflex

Ever notice your child exhibiting one of the following symptoms?

  • Picky eating or low appetite
  • Tantrums or aggression delayed crawling
  • Crawling on one side of the body
  • Difficulty reading or writing
  • Wetting the bed
  • Sitting on their 
  • Knees in a "W" formation
  • Excessively shy or non-verbal

The symptoms mentioned above can be the first indication of poor reflex integration in young ones.


No matter your age - you can integrate your reflexes, and rebuild the foundation of your nervous system through movement patterns.


Our program is accessible to everyone. Having previous physical science or fitness knowledge is not mandatory. The concepts are broken down into easy-to-understand words and sentences. Our courses are designed to provide you with a well-rounded practice and a healthier lifestyle! 

This particular course will be most beneficial for the following:

  • Parents, guardians, or soon-to-be parents
  • Professionals working with youth 
  • Educational workers
  • Daycare workers
  • Health practitioners
  • Coaches and trainers
  • Osteopaths, therapists, physicians Individuals seeking to improve their imbalances

This course is also an excellent add-on for all health care or fitness professionals, as primitive reflexes can also affect adults if not integrated as a child. 

When looking at the development of the muscle chains, it is crucial to look into innate movement patterns (primitive reflexes). These impulses integrate into the brain's circuitry as you mature. Anything that delays their assimilation will affect how the different parts of the brain develop and communicate amongst themselves.

Children with learning disorders (e.g., ADHD) are known to have retained primitive reflexes, which then contribute to their symptoms and levels of dysfunction. This is why it is so important to assess every child as early as possible.

At the adult age, primitive reflexes that are not integrated will contribute to an array of problems, such as poor handwriting, pencil grip, fine muscle control, dexterity, fine motor skills, vision coordination, language problems, movement error cognition and bad posture.

Living with retained primitive reflexes can rob you of your energy and promote overactivity of the sympathetic system, which comes down to unnecessary stress!

Primitive reflexes are an important component of your overall health and you should know about it!

Immediately! As soon as completed, you can create plans to integrate faulty motor patterns and gain fast results with your clients. When you add your current knowledge with the Reflexes and Brain Development course, the results you will likely get will be like nothing else anybody has ever seen!

So get ready to have your business booming!

Kids brain and primitive reflexes

Reflexes & Brain Development

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Regular price€147,00
Learn about the 10 primitive reflexes to unlock your child's potential. Understand their role in child development to increase core strength & stabilityKey strategies for improving focus and attention disordersImprove neurofeedback for behavior, productivity, schooling, and sleep

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Love the content


Wonderful information to add to our protocolsI loved this information. I learned the Primitive Reflexes long ago and I examine all children and their responses to the Primitive Reflexes but the information here and explanations are so very thorough and add to the functional neurology information we use daily. I do get this feedback from parents when clearing the Primitive Reflexes so thank you so very much for the detail you shared - so very important and I will now be checking more adults for this at the beginning of treatment.

Theresa Gormly DC

Children need YOU to Learn About Prmitive Reflexes!Thank you so for putting together such an empowering, easy-to-digest program for teaching Primitive Reflexes and Brain Development. I was intimidated to take this course but 'took the leap' because I feel for so many children that are being chastised for behaviours beyond their control. Your simple strategies will help so many healthcare providers, just like me, to assess and correct reflexes that should have been integrated, but for whatever reason, were missed and help prevent needless suffering and confusion for so many people.
Thank you!


Changing the lifes with simple steps. Course about Primitive Reflexes is so knowledgeable and it just makes so much sense. The brain approach is totally different from the traditional treatments. The world needs more courses with holistic approach.


Excellent course!This course did an excellent job at clarifying different concepts pertaining to reflexes in infancy. The information was clear, organized, and easy to follow. As well, the tips and techniques that are taught are extremely valuable if you are looking to improve your well-being and/or your loved one's well-being.