Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles

Therapeutic Insoles

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  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Improves sitting and standing posture
  • Sport Performance Insoles: Improves coordination, agility, and reaction time
  • Pain-relief and Injury Prevention Insoles: Stabilizes the foot while walking, reducing stress on feet and back
  • Resonator-Equipped Insoles: Stimulates feet’s sensory receptors to increase muscle tone, stability, and mobility
  • Continuous Action: Creates a 24/7 stimulation to the nervous system
  • Rapid and Durable Results: Reverses postural imbalances 
  • The WIDE model is for shoes with larger toe-box such as Vivo, Xero Shoes, etc.
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The Therapeutic Insoles target specialized sensory receptors in the skin of your feet. This allows for constant stimulation of your nervous system, allowing your brain to create new neural pathways.

Flat feet

The Therapeutic Insoles supply intense amounts of sensory information into the brain to help organize it - the return inherently improves the motor output.

They are designed to stimulate nerve centers to increase muscle tone, stability, and mobility, resulting in posture and gait correction within milliseconds.

Therapeutic Insoles

Therapeutic Insoles use frequency and vibration technology. Its unique shape generates natural frequencies.

Frequency has been shown to stimulate nerve centers to intensify muscle tone stability and mobility.


Foot posture can affect the alignment of your lower limbs because your feet guide the movement of your whole body. When foot posture is imbalanced, all joints above the ankle will be compromised — leading to postural and muscular imbalances.   

Therapeutic Insoles
Hack Your Nervous System

Therapeutic Insoles promote correct standing posture.

Their unique resonator technology allows the brain to dictate the best posture by increasing the information quality sent by the feet.

Shop our insoles to solve your back pain, knee pain, feet pain, hip pain, and more!

Foot pain
The Science

Feedback from the skin of your feet is your brain’s primary source of sensory input. Scientists estimate that 100,000 to 200,000 receptors in the sole of each foot supply sensory (proprioception) input to your brain.

The Therapeutic Insoles use frequency and texture. Both these forms of sensory feedback have a role to play in the body’s aim to maintain its center of gravity within the base of support. 


Annette Verpillot, our Founder, developed our patented insoles. Hence, they use unique technologies that are different from our competitors. Therapeutic Insoles are the best way for you to get easy, fast, and permanent results. 

We fix posture by working on the brain-body connection through your sensory receptors. Since the receptors in the skin of our feet respond to vibration and frequency, we created insoles with resonators. 

This means the insoles stimulate your feet without you even noticing it! Indeed, as soon as the resonator is in contact with your feet, you increase the signals between your feet and your brain, allowing the latter to command better movement. 

This is also true when you are sitting or lying down. In other words, the Therapeutic Insoles work on reducing your pain and gaining better posture all day long. While exercises are helpful, you cannot execute them for the same extent of time. Hence, wearing Therapeutic Insoles will lead to faster results. 

It will also lead to permanent results. The insoles focus on the true source of your postural problem: your brain! It is your brain that dictates how your body moves; hence, it is your brain that we must address to fix it. Therapeutic Insoles reorganize your brain, leading to the best posture and movement.

Our insoles help you save time and money by fixing your pain for good and by fixing it fast!

Our Therapeutic Insoles contain a resonator in the center. Resonators optimize the information sent to the brain, allowing the brain to command proper foot/global posture (activate the appropriate muscles). The resonator is a small metal disk whose shape and structure emit a vibration at a frequency of 90 Hz, which is bioenergetic. In other words, it is strong enough for your nervous system to sense it but not enough for you to consciously feel it. This frequency is akin to light wavelengths (i.e., colors). Just like colors, this frequency is set and cannot change or die off unless the disk/resonator becomes damaged.

Resonators can come in different frequencies, all depending on their structure and shape. They naturally emit vibrations (what is scientifically called “resonant behavior”) due to either the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field or mechanical forces. In the case of our insoles, both apply (electromagnetic field = when non-weight-bearing and mechanical = when weight-bearing). As an example, resonators are also used in musical instruments to emit specific tones and sounds at frequencies that do not vary.

We recommend only wearing our insoles. Therapeutic Insoles address the whole posture; hence there is no need to wear orthopedic insoles in extra. Although, if you have worn orthopedic insoles for an extended period, we will want to make that change gradually. Indeed, in that case, your feet are always supported when wearing orthopedics, which prevents them from building their own strength. Therefore, a lack of strength in your feet could cause pain when the support (orthopedics) is removed. 

To condition your feet, you should start by wearing your Therapeutic Insoles over your orthopedic insoles. During the first two weeks, wear the Therapeutic Insole without orthopedics for 2 hours per day and over your orthopedic insole the rest of the day. Then, gradually extend the amount of time during the day that you only wear the Therapeutic Insole so you can gradually build your feet strength.

Although you will begin to see improvements in your posture and postural symptoms quite rapidly, it will take roughly 365 days (or 1 year) for your brain to acquire the right motor patterns. Thus, even if you begin to feel better, it is important to wear the insoles as recommended for at least 1 year, after which you will no longer need them because the benefits you will obtain will be long-term!

The resonators in the center of the insole will emit the necessary frequency for life. If taken care of properly, the Therapeutic Insoles are durable enough to last just as long and even longer!

Don't take our word for it


Instant correction. Surreal. Amazing. Recommend with a massive thumbs up. 👍

Jack T.

Fixing my feet and posture with therapeutic insoles and functional activator...i expect to see progress..with my bad jaw, foot mechanics, gait cycle and posture.

Katia C

My husband has been using these insoles for a few days now and he reports that they are "amazing" and according to him, have performed a miracle.


Have helped correct my hip displacement and take away some back pain.

Annie K.