Improve Your Posture Through Your Feet
You’ve probably heard the expression: "You can’t build a strong house on a crooked foundation. " Just like a solid foundation is essential for a sturdy house, our bodies also need a well-balanced base for proper function. If you're experiencing...
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Are Your Shoes Harming Your Feet?
Wearing badly fitting footwear can present a slew of issues, such as ingrown toenails, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and circulatory problems. For most people, wearing dress shoes can be a toss-up between pinched toes and aching feet. Most shoe salespeople will...
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3 Tips to Correct Flat Feet
Today, that rule is no longer strictly enforced, but if it were, the country would cease to be a world power! Seriously, modern living has produced a virtual epidemic of fallen arches. The good news is there are many practical...
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